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Reconstructing History Pattern Review

Dearest Readers,

today I´d like to talk about the sewing patterns I bought from Reconstructing History or in other words tell you how stupid I was to spent money on their patterns.

Firstly, the patterns I bought are:

  • RH1201
  • RH1203
  • RH1204
  • RH1234
  • RH1239

I wish I had visited or plainly googled them to find out more about their patterns and how well made they are, but I loved what I saw, since I was looking for a 20s corset since forever and well why I was at it I also bought the other patterns because I love the roaring Twenties and collect every pattern from the decade I can find. Then life, especially my health crossed my plans to work with these patterns, so until yesterday the patterns were untouched and I did not know what lay ahead… Oh the sorrow.

My first look through the historical notes were done very quickly since we are talking about 2 pages which were not about the 20s alone. They also covered the late 10s which even reduces the content I was hoping for and while I can not say the historical notes are wrong I certainly can say, that they are so basic you propably knew all that beforehand. In all fairness though I must admit I study the 20s and posess over 120 original patterns and sewing books, so I was not expecting to learn something new, but I was thinking they could have been more dedicated. If you promise historical notes for a 20s pattern make it 20s information alone. If the pattern is from the early half of the decade give people some basics about the key features of the dresses or styles or simply give them some sewing advice when it comes to 20s sewing.

Next up I found the assembly notes which were… short and did not cover the whole sewing progress. And I was thinking the historical notes were short but now they seem very long and informativ. Oh well, in retrospect everything is at least a little better, right? I just thought this can not be true. By no means this is what they call detailed instructions, but a little google research and you will find out that this is what they call detailed and people who emailed them for help did not get a response or a very snotty one. Of course I just read this so I can not say for sure this really happend, but i can say, if you google reviews you come across a lot of forum pages where people complain that this happend to them and if that is true, then shame on them, because they advertise on their homepage they help you with their patterns.

Well, back to an issue I can say is absolutely true – the pattern grading. And what an issue this is. If seams have to be trued before you even worked on the pattern, because your side seams dont match you simply can not call this a finished product and sell it. I have seen pictures on the internet which show how mismatched paper pattern seams were. I am beyond disbelieve. I had traced my bodice pieces from the master pattern and checked for myself if the seams on my bodice were true or not. They were NOT.

I encountered even more problems but I also think this is already a pretty long blogpost. What I want you to do, before you buy a specific pattern, no matter what company you are buying from, google it. Save yourself the troubles, the money and the sewing frustration. This is after all our passion and we want to have a good time while working on our projects, right?

Do I recommend Reconstructing History? – No, I absolutely don´t.

Lots of Love,


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