New chapter

Dear Readers,

it happend. My hair is cut, which marks the beginning of a new fashion chapter for me.

For years I was holding back to get this faux mohawk pixie cut, always afraid to fail family expectations or getting labeled by strangers.

I turned 25 this year, my husband is always supportive and my parents are no longer in my life.

It´s time to wear darker, more dramatic, daring and sexy fashion.

The time is over to hide from my perpetrators.

I am allowed to express and wear the fashion I want.

Never forget -> blame the perpetrators not the victims!

Hiding away, never showing my cleavage, never showing my curves, felt very safe…and wrong.

I realized how much I felt ashamed. Not about what happened (anymore) but about myself.

In denying myself to express freely I got a horrible body image.

So with autumn just around the corner (best season ever) I start a new chapter and wear what I want.

Diving into new subfashions, sewing more gothic style dresses, showing my curves and sew, sew, sew.

I hope you are just as excited as I am and stay tuned for more upcoming blog posts and projects.



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