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My Tartan Gown (Vogue 9053 )

Dearest Visitors,

it´s been months since I finished my Tartan Gown and finally we had a shooting so I do have pictures for this blog post. Hooray!

First I would love to give the usual round-up for other seamstresses.

Sewing Summary:

Pattern: Vogue 9053

Fabric: Red Tartan (100% wool) bought from a local fabric store & poly lining dark green




Edge tape interfacing (a lot! might have been 5m)

Cotton batiste fusible interfacing

Sewing Time: Completed over a week

Modifications: Bodice shortened

Fit: Very good I dare say

Difficulty: Very Easy (Pattern Envelope) I agree but would not recommend this for beginners.

Watch out for: Let the bias settle-in long enough especially if you go for the floor-length dress also I strongly advise you to use fusible edge tape interfacing on the bodice (read below).

Make again? Yes please!

Additional I used fusible edge tape since my wool tartan fabric is heavy and the floor-length dress would pull my bodice down. If your fabric of choice isn´t lightweight I´d recommend you use edge tape too.

I used edge tape on the neckline, bodice front, bodice back, side seams and armholes.

Bodice back
Shoulder Lining
The bodice back pieces with additional edge tape

The bias had to settle-in over night. The rule of thumb is 24 hours but I chose to play it safe and allowed it to hang for 2 days. Here is the result and a reminder why skipping this part is a bad idea:

Tada 20cm additional length in the first picture. The second picture is showing the hemmed skirt but gives you a good idea how full the floor-length skirt is.

I absolutely love this gown and the fabric I used for it. The more fabric twirls around me when I move or dance the happier I am. Do you love flowing gowns or are you more the shift dress lover?

Thank you so much for visiting.



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