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The 1909 “Beatrix” Skirt Pattern Review

Do you know Sense & Sensibility Patterns? Well I hope you do or you’ll miss out on some lovely sewing patterns. The first Pattern I ever bought was the e-Pattern called The 1909 “Beatrix” Skirt Pattern which I highly recommend for beginners. I made this Skirt in walking length last summer and wore it to a historical funfair in Kornelimünster, Germany.

Front View taken in the Castle Garden


Sewing Summary:


1909 Beatrix Skirt Pattern


Linen light blue (3 meter)

Underling Fabric:

Cotton batiste mauve (3 meter)


Hem Tape, 3 Hooks & Eyes, 3 Snaps, Gütermann Thread light blue, 8 cover buttons 23mm and waistband                    interfacing

Sewing Time:

2 afternoons


I inserted an interfaced rectangle with buttonholes to the middle front and side front seam. A small and easy to make detail I have seen on many Edwardian postcards. There is one especially famous with Actress Lily Elsie. I also underlined my entire Walking Skirt which made it look more beautiful. The fabric almost completely stopped wrinkling, linen usually loves to do that and has a nicer drape while moving around due to the underlining support.


It was to snug on the Waistline when I wore it to the funfair because I had a water retentioned belly and legs on that day but I could still close it. Before the water retention the fit was perfect though.


Beginner friendly. If you never made a skirt before just take your time and you create something elegant. Plus these Patterns offer Tech Support!

Watch out for:

If you go for the historical version choose your fabric carefully, underline your project and use the placket instead of a zipper. The placket should be sewn very accurate or you get ugly puckering. But don’t panic, it is not hard to sew. Just take your time, read the instructions, measure carefully, iron in the progress ( as always ) and you succeed.

Make again?

I would love to make the trained version for brides in the future with a matching shirtwaist.

Back View

Additional Button detail


One last tip: you can easily alter this pattern to make a matching Edwardian Petticoat. If you need a Tutorial for this please let me know.


The Shirtwaist is handmade too with a very thin silk fabric in apricot. I used 10m lace for lace insertions and 14 cover buttons (11mm) for the back closure. My husband agreed that I indeed need a dressing maid for his fingers can’t handle this fiddly madness. The Pattern is also from Sense & Sensibility called 1909 “Beatrix” Shirtwaist Pattern.

I hope this Review was useful and inspiring for you, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments down below or use the contact form.

Happy Sewing dear Readers,



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